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  Leah Bien,

An international artist, with Filipino roots.

Leah is singing professionally, 31 years already, and performed in more then 20 countries, That gave her lots of experience.

She performed for example in The Middle-east (Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi,
Jemen, Saudi-Arabia), Israël, Egypt, Hong-Kong, Macao,
Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Great-Britain, Netherlands,
Spain, France, Germany, Luxemburg, etc ...
Since 2010 Leah lives in Belgium, where she performs several
times a week.

With her eternal smile, charm, warm voice and her repertoire
full of ambiance songs, she can capture any audience.

Leah brings hits from past and present, from different genres
and languages. Several of her own songs are also included in
her repertoire.
All this added together makes her a very frequently asked and
booked artist.

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